Brands We Carry.

We have a commitment to providing our customers with the best-quality products available, with an emphasis on supporting local businesses and organizations. Almost all of our meat and produce is sourced directly from some of Vermont’s leading organic and sustainable farms, and we are dedicated to trying to seek out new sustainable businesses to partner with.

Below is a partial list of the 100+ brands that we regularly have in stock, though we are also happy to special order unique and hard-to-find items for you via phone at 802-362-3602, or in person. You can also reach us by e-mail if you have any questions. 

Local/Vermont-based Brands

Someday FarmEast Dorset, VT

In operation since 1984, Someday Farm is a family-run vegetable and poultry farm, specializing in sustainable agriculture and offering a wide variety of seasonal produce, as well as delicious free-range pheasant, duck, turkey, chicken, and eggs. 

Berle FarmHoosick, NY

An organic solar-powered dairy farm offering both tasty cheese and yogurt, Berle Farm is located just across the state border from Vermont. Their small herd of ten cows are fed almost entirely from 400 hundred acres of stunning pastureland.

Earth Sky TimeManchester Center, VT

A combination vegetable farm and wood fired bakery, Earth Sky Time has been in operation for over thirteen years, providing fresh produce to individuals and families all over Vermont. In the bakery, a winning combination of certified organic wheat and a wood burning Llopis oven produce a wide variety of baguettes, sandwich loaves, and pastries. 

Gammelgarden CreameryPownal, VT

In operation since 2010, Gammelgården Creamery uses just four cows, Babette, Fredricka, Carla, and Doozie, to produce a wide range of dairy products including butter, buttermilk, skyr, and fresh cheese. With a commitment to practicing sustainable farming practices and producing high-quality foodstuffs, Gammelgården prides itself on putting the health and happiness of its cows and customers first.  

Misty Knoll FarmsNew Haven, VT

Specializing in free-range turkeys and naturally-raised chickens, Misty Knoll Farms prides itself on providing its poultry with a zero-stress existence and healthy, antibiotic-free diet. Because of this, Misty Knoll’s products have gained a fantastic reputation around Vermont for their enjoyable flavor.

Battenkill BrittleArlington, VT

The perfect snack for a healthy and active lifestyle, Battenkill Brittle is made from an energy-rich mix of sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic brown rice, pure Vermont maple syrup, and other natural ingredients. Ideal for hiking, biking, and other adventures around Vermont, Battenkill Brittle is also great on yogurt, oatmeal, or waffles. 

Gringo JacksManchester Center, VT

Run by a bunch of self-proclaimed “gringos,” Gringo Jack’s uses fresh and natural ingredients to manufacture a wide range of small-batch salsas and sauces, instantly transforming any meal into a feast. 

Vermont Maple Granola CompanyDanby, VT

Combining high quality dried fruit, nuts, and grains with pure Vermont maple syrup, the Vermont Maple Granola Company has created a series of deliciously handcrafted granolas that have become the centerpiece of breakfasts all over New England.

Against the Grain, Brattleboro, VT

Dedicated to creating great tasting gluten-free food from everyday ingredients, Against the Grain uses cutting-edge artisanal baking techniques to create products that don’t compromise on taste, texture, or quality. The Against the Grain product line includes cinnamon raisin bagels, pita bread, Vermont country rolls, pizza shells, and their signature rosemary baguettes.

National & Global Brands

Udi's, Boulder, CO

Founded in 1994, Udi’s is now the biggest global manufacturer of gluten-free food, and has become a household name for their high-quality gluten-free bread, bagels, granola, pizzas, and frozen meals.  

Amy’s, Petaluma, CA

One of the leading producers of organic and diet-specific frozen meals, Amy’s specializes in a wide range of healthy-and-microwavable sandwiches, burritos, potpies, soups, ethic cuisine, entrees, and breakfast options. 

Clif, Emeryville, CA

Started to help provide founder Gary Erickson with a nutritious and high-energy snack for long distance bike riding, Clif now produces a wide variety of energy bars and other snacks to consumers around the world, and has become a favorite of climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Kind, New York, NY

Made from naturally high-energy ingredients including nuts, fruits and whole grains, and available in 22 varieties, Kind Bars are both tasty and nutritious, the perfect snack for an on-the-go lifestyle.