Our next chapter. Your new morning: An Introduction

Hello Friends,

We here at New Morning Natural Foods are extremely excited. After weeks of planning and designing, we are proud to introduce a new chapter to our business in the form of a brand new website and multiple social media channels. As you can see, after decades of operation we have now joined the 21st century, a little late perhaps but with full force, and there is no going back now!

With this huge transition we, together with our many patrons, distributors, suppliers, family, and friends, are excited about the infinite possibilities we have before us. We've always had the health and wellbeing of the Northshire community in our hearts, but now it's time to kick it up a notch; With that said, this is the introduction to our new blog - the first of many entries that will consist of healthy family recipes, healthy living education, local musings, and much much more, all posted on a regular basis.

We will be writing to reach out, and to connect. We hope that this will bring us together frequently and in pursuit of common goals: Good health, friendship, and the tireless promotion of sustainability and ethical stewardship of the whole of Southern Vermont.

So we push. We push ourselves forward, deeper into this amazing new chapter of our business history, with a dedication to providing insight, education, product knowledge, and advice to all members of our community and those beyond. We push to help promote not just ourselves, but also the countless small businesses and farms that work tirelessly to provide our customers with the widest variety of high-quality products and delicious food possible.

We hope this will inspire you and your loved ones to make simple changes in your lives and help you become the best, healthiest, earth-friendly versions of yourselves that you can be, and we hope that this community shines as it should shine; in health, in love, and in vibrant life.

Here in beautiful Manchester Vermont, every morning is a new morning. What will you make of it?

Love, Morgan Kelley